2019 Registration

//2019 Registration

2019 Registration


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We need to know who is registering. Please fill in your name and email address in the field below.

Volunteer Opportunities (Optional)

As a McKey Christmas Club Volunteer, participating in the volunteer opportunities is highly encouraged. List the names of the volunteers for each event in the text box below each event name.

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A simple Yes or No question. Are you having dinner? If Yes, then continue below to fill in dinner options and decide if you want to make an additional dinner donation. Also below you will be able to select food options for you and others (if you are registering more than yourself right now).

Dinner Donation (Optional)

The Dinner is the night of Distribution (Monday, Dec., 17th). A dinner donation of $35.50 per person is optional. Please enter the number of dinner donations you would like to make.

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Dinner Food Options

If you will be at the dinner, what dinner selection do you want? Please enter the number needed next to each selection along with the member(s) name.

Additional Donation?

Would you like to make a donation in addition to your participation dues/dinner donation? If so, fill in the amount below. We thank you in advance!


Become a volunteer of The McKey Christmas Club today.  Add-on additional renewing volunteers.  Returning volunteers and new volunteers over 35, the normal participation fee is $110, new volunteers under 35 receive a $55 discount and should register here. For all volunteers, the $35.50 optional dinner donation is available on this page.

Tax Deduction Info Participation dues of $105 are fully tax deductible if you make a dinner donation ($35.50) to cover the cost of your dinner. If no dinner donation is made and you attend the dinner, $69.50 is tax deductible.